The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue you'll find articles on doctoral associate Atilla Eryilmaz, graduate student Etty Lee, alum Todd Coleman, staff member Pardis Parsa, and Professor Emilio Frazzoli.

A Message from the Director

This volume aims to give a taste of one of the distinctive features of LIDS: the intellectual and diverse nature of its population. We get to hear from our newest faculty member, Professor Emilio Frazzoli...

Crossing Boundaries

LIDS doctoral associate Atilla Eryilmaz speaks candidly about his current research, the post-doc experience, and where the theory of networking needs to go next.

Sky High

Growing up in Rome, Italy, the son of two physicists, Frazzoli, 36, dreamed of designing and flying his own aircraft when he was young.

On the Evolution of Communications

An ordinary day for a typical LIDS student is demanding. By implication, an ordinary day for LIDS student and new mother Etty Lee should be beyond exhausting.

Opening Doors: Life After LIDS

Despite the multitude of available options and the diversity of his experiences and research interests, LIDS alumnus Todd Coleman is unsurprised at the direction his life has taken.

MIT Research and Development Conference

The emphasis was on the future at the 2006 MIT Research and Development Conference and LIDS Director Vincent Chan’s presentation on Future Integrated Broadband Fiber, Wireless, and Satellite Networks was no exception.

Sound Bites: Pardis Parsa

I’m the administrative assistant to Professor Chan. I am involved in many of his projects, as well as coordinating travel, meetings, tracking things down...