The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue you'll find articles on graduate studtents Sertac Karaman and Myung Jin Choi, staff member Lynne Dell, Professors Sanjoy Mitter and Moe Win, and alum Daniel Grunberg.

A Message from the Director

Welcome to the Fall 2010 volume of LIDS|ALL. As in past issues, we have assembled a set of interviews and news that provide a picture...

The Man Behind the Unmanned

Robots, for all the impersonal connotations they call to mind, do not come from impersonal places.

Chasing Big Ideas

When Sanjoy Mitter arrived at MIT in the late summer of 1969, LIDS—then known as the Electronic Systems Laboratory—was still a part of the Institute’s department of Electrical Engineering.

Research Outside the Box

When she came to graduate school, Myung Jin Choi had a simple formula for academic success...

The Problem Solver

LIDS Alumni Daniel Grunberg jokes that his career is the result of “not ever being able to do the same thing for very long.”

Breaking Ultrawide Barriers

“Does it work?” asks a student in a blue shirt, who pauses to examine the experimental set up that occupies much of the lobby...

Sound Bites: Lynne Dell

I do a lot of things, but I love it. I have a lot of energy, it’s just who I am. It makes me happy when I make something happen...