The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue you'll find articles on Professors Asuman Ozdaglar and Devavrat Shah, graduate students Keith Santarelli and Danielle Tarraf, and staff member Doris Inslee. There is also a brief look behind the scenes of the LIDS Student Conference, a short rememberance of the late professor emeritus and LIDS Professor Alvin Drake, and an article on former director of the Servomechanism Lab J. Francis Reintjes.

A Message from the Director

Past and present join in this latest issue of our magazine, in which I invite you to get to know one of our most senior faculty members and two of our newest.

The Network Game

It might seem surprising, and a little strange, that some LIDS professors take courses in addition to teaching them. Talk to Prof. Asuman Ozdaglar, though, and the...

The Beauty of Theory

What brings students to LIDS’ unique intellectual environment? Keith Santarelli and Danielle Tarraf, like most of their fellow PhD candidates...

Engineering Particles

There’s a new face on the LIDS faculty: Prof. Devavrat Shah, as approachable as he is bright, comes to us from India by way of California.

Behind the Scenes at the LIDS Student Conference

What does it take to make a conference happen? Jun Sun and Lav Varshney, chairs of this year’s student volunteer committee, could tell you it’s no small task.

The Man Who Came to Dinner and Never Left

Since its first incarnation as the Servomechanisms Lab of the 1940s, LIDS has changed names, location, and personnel, yet retained a character all its own. Professor J. Francis “Frank” Reintjes is a living witness to that history.

Sound Bites: Doris Inslee

I’ve been at LIDS since 1998, but I started at MIT in February of 1962, in Mechanical Engineering.

In Memoriam: Alvin W. Drake, LIDS Professor

Alvin W. Drake, professor emeritus of electrical engineering and computer science and a beloved figure at LIDS, died of cancer at a hospice near hsi Falmouth home...