The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue you'll find articles on Professor Pablo Parrilo, alum Sommer Gentry, graduate students Henk Wymeersch, Lillian Dai, and Lav and Kush Varshney, as well as an interview with staff member Lisa Gaumond and a short article on Draper Laboratory.

A Message from the Co-Director

Welcome to the Fall 2008 volume of LIDS|ALL. This issue provides windows through which we hope to give you...

Draper Lab and LIDS

Across MIT, Draper Laboratory plays a crucial part in providing students and faculty with the resources they need through the Draper Fellows program.

Adventures in Optimization

LIDS alumna Sommer Gentry remembers being scolded in her high school math class for explaining a problem to another student.

Putting LIDS on the Map

When Henk Wymeersch arrived at LIDS from the Belgian university not far from his tiny hometown, he had a list of potential research topics.

Bright Lights, Big Ideas

Some LIDS students have always known they were MIT-bound. For Lillian Dai, however, the road to LIDS has been a long and winding one.

The Big Dreams of Twin Engineers

Maybe the desire to be an engineer runs in the blood. Maybe, like the genomes that Kush Varshney studies with graphical models...

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

It may have been the controversial “new math” that sparked young Pablo Parrilo’s interest in mathematics. In the 1960s and 70s, educators in Argentina...

Sound Bites: Lisa Gaumond

I’m an Administrative Assistant. Basically I’m part of the support staff, so I have four different faculty members I support.