The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue, you'll find an interview with staff member Brian Jones, two senior graduate students, Yola Katsargyri and Watcharapan Suwansantisuk, former (as of September 2012) graduate student and now current postdoctoral researcher Amir Ali Ahmadi, Professors Patrick Jaillet and Jonathan How, and Prof. Anant Sahai, one of our illustrious and supportive alumni.

A Message from the Director

Within these pages you’ll find interviews and news that provide a picture of the activities within our Lab and the people for whom LIDS serves as their MIT home.

Exploring the Unknowable

Everyone wants to know the future. Some wonder only about their personal fortunes—whom they will marry, where they will work, when they will find...

LIDS Welcomes Yury Polyanskiy

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Professor Yury Polyanskiy to LIDS. Yury received the B.S. and M.S. degrees...

Set to Optimize

Amir Ali Ahmadi's dream throughout childhood was to become a professional, world-class tennis player. Growing up in Tehran...

Time Well Spent

Home is a deceptively simple word. Both a concrete location and an abstract idea, it is the place we currently live as well as the place from which we came.

Wireless World

For nearly a decade, Anant Sahai has been toying with radios smart enough to know how to skip from one channel to another while leaving occupied frequencies undisturbed.

Changing Routes

Every time Georgia-Evangelia Katsargyri drives down Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, she thinks about the choices she is making and...

Navigating the Skies

A fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles is flying on a military surveillance mission. There's no central controller, and no human hand directing...

Sound Bites: Brian Jones

I'm the Systems Administrator for LIDS, which means I'm responsible for the computing infrastructure at the lab.