The magazine of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

In this issue, you'll find an interview with new staff member Petra Aliberti, two senior graduate students Noele Norris and James Saunderson, Professor Eytan Modiano, alumnus Jeff Shamma, and advisory committee member Vince Poor.

A Message from the Director

On behalf of the entire LIDS community, let me welcome you to the Fall 2014 volume of LIDS|ALL. Within these pages you’ll find...

The Nature of Engineering

Imagine being able to take a bacterium, like E. coli, and direct it to a specific spot in the body for targeted medical treatments.

Asking the Right Questions

One of the great things about being a professor, according to Eytan, is watching how students evolve and grow as they pass through his lab.

Across Networks, Across Disciplines

When he surveys his academic, research, and teaching experience, Vince Poor, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University, is quick to say he has been in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.

Reformulating the Problem

Internet access is scarce in the remote villages of Namibia. There was certainly no chance of getting online, where James Saunderson was staying as a volunteer teacher, in that sparsely populated country in Southern Africa.


Jeff Shamma fondly remembers his first major academic Eureka moment.

Soundbites: Petra Aliberti

When I first interviewed [at LIDS] I just had a good gut feeling about it. Then when I started working here it just continued, and I felt at home right away.